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About Us

"Safes, Security, Protection - that's our business"

Mutual Safes is committed to the protection of cash valuables, and ultimately, people, in the high risk environment in which we live in South Africa

Factory and Premises

Established in 1984, the Mutual Austen group presently consists of a manufacturing plant, head office and export division in Pretoria, with associated companies in Johannesburg, Natal, Bloemfontein ,Port Elizabeth , Maputo and Nelspruit. There is a second manufacturing plant in George, Southern Cape.

Divisions of the Mutual Safe Group


Our range of products include hotel safes, wall safes, gun safes, office safes, safety deposit lockers, FD40 cabinets, record room, strong room and vault doors, portable vaults, bullet resistant pay windows, anti-bandit doors, specialized cash in transit safes, and access control booths.


Fire Doors, fire resistant cabinets for documents and data, fire extinguishers, accessories and hosing.

Pneumatic Air Tubing

Air tube systems provide rapid, cost effective and efficient movement of a wide range of samples, components, documents and cash weighing up to 15kgs within the tube work. Innovative computerised multi-stationed transfer systems provide secure transportation within buildings and/or across entire sites.

This system is ideally suited to the South African high-risk environments in that it facilitates the swift movement of cash from point of sale to a secure cash area thereby greatly reducing the risk of theft and attack.

The division is certified under ISO 9003 which is a first for the industry, and ensures the quality conscious customer of a top quality installation - paramount to the success of the system.


Mutual Safe and Security Group hold exclusive agencies for imported high security locks and cam locks used in high risk situations such as banks, casinos and jeweler outlets. Austen Services, a division of the Mutual Group, has a cell lock manufacturing plant in Pretoria.


Fully staffed and equipped 24 hour service depots country wide.

Our active research and development division keeps up to date with international trends by our constant exposure at international trade fairs. We are leaders in design and we pride ourselves on our pro-activity in the high risk environment of South Africa today.

The Mutual research and development division is responsible for the design and development of several new products in the safe industry. Some years ago Mutual developed the Dual Protector - a safe designed to deposit cash and still offering the facility of a separate safe within the same unit for the storage of other cash and valuables. Although the design was soon copied by other safe manufacturers, Mutual created the concept of the safe. In addition, Mutual is a leader in the design and development of cash in transit safes - safes which are used for the specific purpose of cash-in-transit companies to alleviate the risk of hold up at the point of cash collection by cash-in-transit companies.


South African Bureau of Standards approved (SABS) and ISO 9001/2000. We are also approved by the Underwriter's laboratory of USA (UL) amongst other international qualifications and we are listed in the European Safe Ratings.